Once we’ve welcomed your driver in, they stay in the vehicle and prepare for their next project while we’re already popping the hood, checking your tires and completing our inspection process. Just how fast again? Your driver will be back on the road and making money for your business in about 12-15 minutes.


We offer every single fleet customer a monthly billed account regardless of size. Why? It’s simple for you, fast for your drivers. But if you prefer to pay on visit, or with cash, credit card, or a fleet card, of course we offer those options too.


We understand that the more you spend with us, the more your company should save. That’s why our everyday fleet discount is based on the number of vehicles in your fleet. We also offer every account the opportunity to earn added discounts on certain services and products like air filters and wiper blades.


Not only do we send exclusive offers and discounts to our fleet customers, but we also give you access to promotional event pricing intended for our non-fleet customers, so you always get the best price we offer at Take 5.


We offer store hours outside of the 9–5 workday, morning and night, so we can service your fleet without interrupting your business. We call these our Fleet Power Hours. In fact, we value our fleet customers so much that we give you an extra 5% off your ticket when your drivers come during Fleet Power Hours. Ask our technicians about Fleet Power Hours today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Oil Changes Still Important for my New Fleet Vehicles?

Not only are oil changes still important, they are perhaps more important than ever. Today’s engines are smaller but more efficient and powerful. Engines now work harder to deliver increased fuel economy, reduced emissions, and high performance. Greater engine efficiency also means more pressure on the engine itself (i.e. more metal-to-metal contact and friction that can stress your oil and rob performance from your engine).

What are the Downsides of Missing Regular Oil Changes on my Fleet Vehicles?

Over time your oil will become contaminated with dust, dirt, and debris from the engine. The most common issue is that the parts in your vehicle’s engine will become too hot. This will typically cause your engine to run less efficiently and decrease your vehicle’s fuel economy, costing you money. Over the long-term this will also cause your engine components to warp and wear out, decreasing the useful life of your fleet and costing you more money to replace vehicles sooner than you should have to or require costly repairs.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Synthetic or Advanced Synthetic Oils?

Synthetic oil products reduce the wear on your engine in all operating conditions and help extend the life of your vehicle. Synthetics will also help decrease your vehicle’s downtime and increase productivity for your operators. Additionally, synthetic lubricants have shown fuel economy improvements that result in a 1 to 4 percent savings on fuel costs.

What does a Fleet Oil Change Service Include?

Change motor oil Change oil filter Lubricate Chassis (if applicable) Wash Windshield Properly Inflate Tires Battery Test Air Filter Check Wiper Blade Check Check and Fill Windshield Washer Fluid Check and Fill Anti-Freeze Coolant Check and Fill Power Steering Fluid Check and Fill Automatic Transmission Fluid (if applicable)

Are There Any Fees or Minimum Purchases?

No. Simply visit us as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer for discounted oil change, detailing, mechanical and car wash services.